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  • Evaluate the antimicrobial activity of Biosurfactant against ESBL producing bacterial isolates
  • Food based phytochemical luteolin their derivatives, sources and medicinal benefits
  • Sclerotinia sclerotiorum – A threat and challenge for crops



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Evaluate the antimicrobial activity of Biosurfactant against ESBL producing bacterial isolates

B. Madhumathi1, D. Jegadeeshkumar1, M. Anitha2, N. Kannan2 and Chandrasekaran2

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In this present study, the biosurfactant producing ability of the microorganisms isolated from the s .....

Food based phytochemical luteolin their derivatives, sources and medicinal benefits

Muhammad Faisal Manzoor1*, Nazir Ahmad1, Ahsan Manzoor2, Ayesha K

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Luteolin is a type of flavonoid and a 38, 48, 5, 7-tetra hydroxyl flavone with a yellow crystalline .....

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum – A threat and challenge for crops

Jitendra Sharma*, G.S.Rathore, S. Godika, Suresh Meena, and Chhagan Lal

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Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary is a soil borne plant pathogen, capable of infecting more th .....

Selection of yeast strain producing acetic acid

Latifa Elyachioui 1*, Abdel-ilah Aziane 1 Mohamed Elyachioui1, and Mohammed Ouhssine1

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A yeast strain E2 was purified from traditional yeast, and retained for its strongly acidifying, fer .....

Characterization, treatment and recovery of fish byproduct as a stable bio-fertilizer

Souad Hammoutou*1, Abdel-ilah Aziane1, Abdelaziz Chaouch1, and Mohamed Elyachioui

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National fish production reached in 2013 an amount of 1,245,912 tons. Now the pelagic fish industry .....

Determination of Opinions and Level of knowledge of Culinary Program Students about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s): Istanbul

Seydi Yıkmıs*1, Levent Gulum2, Harun Aksu3 & Mehmet Alpaslan1

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This study is conducted to investigate knowledge, attitudes and behavior of university culinary prog .....

Effect of cooking temperature on some quality characteristic of Almond milk

Muhammad Faisal Manzoor

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Processing of almond was done at different temperatures (80, 90, 100 and 110°C), to produce almond m .....

Review on Microbial remediation of Heavy metals from E-waste

Pradeepa. R1* Senthil kumar. P1 and Kavitha K.K2

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E-waste is an end of the life span of electric or electronic appliances which contain the complex he .....

Nutritional significance of cereals and legumes based food mix- A review

P. Vasantha Kumari1* and Narayanasamy Sangeetha2

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Tertiary processed foods are commercially formulated foods designed for the ease of consumption. The .....

In-vitro antioxidant and GC-MS analysis ethanolic extract of poly herbal drug

Pattabiraman K1*,Muthukumaran P2 and Hazeenabegum.V3

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Antioxidants play an important role in inhibiting and scavenging free radicals, thus providing prote .....



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