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* 1. Ph.D scholar, Dept. of Crop Physiology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India*, 560 065.

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Received: 26 April 2015 / Revised: 3 June 2015 / Accepted: 16 June 2015 / Published: 19 June 2015

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Babli Mog (2015): Influence of Organic Bio Fertilizers on Bio Physical and Physiological Parameters in Daucua Carota L. In International Journal of Agricultural and Lifesciences 1 (1), pp. 610.


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A field experiment was conducted at the Main Agricultural Research Station, University of Agricultural Sciences, a Dharwad during rabi season of 2006-2007 to study the effect of organics and bio fertilizers in carrot. The experiment was laid out in Randomized block design with eleven treatments and three replications. The morphological parameters viz., plant height was significantly higher due to application of RDF +Azospirillum (500g/ha) compared to other treatments. Total dry weight differed significantly among treatments at all the stages. Among treatments, significantly higher total dry weight was recorded with the application of RDF +Azospirillum (500g/ha). All growth parameters viz., Leaf area index (LAI), Absolute growth rate (AGR), Crop growth rate (CGR), Net assimilation rate (NAR) and Biomass duration (BD) were significantly higher with the application of RDF +Azospirillum (500g/ha) compared to other treatments.