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Received: Feb 2017 / Accepted: Feb 2017/ Published:Mar 2017

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1*&2 Department of SiddhaMedicine, Faculty of Science, Tamil University, Thanjavur- 613010. 3Professor, Department of SiddhaMedicine, Faculty of Science, Tamil University, Thanjavur- 613010.

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Pattabiraman, K., Muthukumaran, P., & Hazeenabegum, V. (2017). In-vitro antioxidant and GC-MS analysis ethanolic extract of poly herbal drug. Int. J. Agr. Life. Sci, 3(1), 106-114. doi: 10.22573/spg.ijals.017.s12200074.


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Antioxidants play an important role in inhibiting and scavenging free radicals, thus providing protection to human against infections and degenerative diseases. Current research is now directed towards natural antioxidants originated from plants due to safe therapeutics. Poly herbal drugs is used in Indian traditional medicine for a wide range of various ailments. To understand the mechanism of pharmacological actions, antioxidant properties of the Poly herbal drugs extract were tested using standard in vitro models. The ethanolic extract of Poly herbal drugs exhibited strong scavenging effect on superoxide, nitric oxide radical and reducing power radical scavenging assay. The free radical scavenging effect of Poly herbal drugs extract was comparable with that of the reference antioxidants. The data obtained in the present study suggests that the extract of Poly herbal drugs have potent Invitro antioxidant and Anti Diabetic activity against free radicals, prevent oxidative damage to major biomolecules and afford significant protection against oxidative damage.