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Received: Feb 2017 / Accepted: Feb 2017/ Published: Mar 2017

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1*Senior Research Fellow, IICPT, Thanjavur. 2Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science and Technology, Pondicherry University.

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Vasantha Kumari, P., & Sangeetha, N. (2017). Nutritional significance of cereals and legumes based food mix- A review. Int. J. Agr. Life. Sci, 3(1), 115-122. doi: 10.22573/spg.ijals.017.s12200075.


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Tertiary processed foods are commercially formulated foods designed for the ease of consumption. These foods are mainly formulated using the refined flour which are lacking in one or more nutrients. Whole cereals and legumes found to possess immense nutritional potentials which could complement one another if accurately processed and combined. Therefore, it is essential to formulate composite blends and carry out scientific research to ascertain the nutritive adequacy of the cereal and legumes for possible use as tertiary foods. The present study is therefore a part of an exploratory work towards this goal. The study emphasis on formulation of tertiary processed foods with application of processing and drying methods using multicereals and legume combination. Successful utilization of cereals and legumes with added functionality in snack food sector will definitely open up new dimensions to the food industries.