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Received: June 2017 / Accepted: June 2017/ Published: June 2017

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1Institute of Home and Food Sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan 2Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Government College University Faisalabad, Pakistan

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Manzoor, M. F., Ahmad, N., Manzoor, A., & Kalsoom, A. (2017). Food based phytochemical luteolin their derivatives, sources and medicinal benefits. Int. J. Agr. Life. Sci, 3(2), 195-207. doi: 10.22573/spg.ijals.017.s12200084.


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Luteolin is a type of flavonoid and a 38, 48, 5, 7-tetra hydroxyl flavone with a yellow crystalline appearance. Luteolin is widely present in different plant families such as, Lamiacea, Arecaceae, Brassicaceae, Campanulaceae, Asteraceae, Resedaceae and Scrophulariaceae. Luteolin mostly found in edible plants and most important food based phytochemical. Dietary sources of luteolin such as, celery, peppers, carrots, peppermint, olive oil, thyme, oregano and rosemary, etc. On the base of luteolin content among other sources oregano is the better source with 1028.75mg/100g contents. Flavonoids are important component of plants, and widely used in traditional medicine to cure the different type of diseases. Luteolin has different health benefits such as, anti-inflammatory, sun protectant, anti-oxidant, improve heart function, neurological impairments, anti-cancer and many more. Luteolin has many possible mechanisms involved in different biological activities such as, stabilization of p53, modulation of ROS levels, and reduction of NF- kappaB, reduction of AP-1 activity and inhibition of PI3K.