Join Skyfox Peer-Review Program

SKYFOX is one of the academic Open Access publishers worldwide. Manuscripts submitted to all our journals are peer-reviewed. Reviewers are involved in all manuscripts submitted to our journals. Based on the reviewer’s comments, a Handling Editor (usually the Editor-in-Chief) is subsequently making a final decision about the way a manuscript needs to be improved.

We at SKYFOX sincerely invite you to join our peer-review program. By participating you will provide help to authors from all over the world and will supply them with your ideas and suggestions based on your valuable expertise. Your input will certainly improve their papers a lot. On top of that, you also benefit from the experience. You are exposed to the latest research findings, and will certainly mention your volunteer contribution to the scholarly literature as reviewer for SKYFOX along with your other scientific achievements.

If you are ready to be a volunteer, please submit your CV to  with email subject: Peer-Reviewer Application. After evaluation we will contact you and let you know where to start.


  1. Send us your CV
  2. Become a peer-reviewer
  3. Receive manuscripts from us, review the manuscripts, and send back your comments within 5 days.